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*Requested*It&#8217;s been weeks since you saw Nash from you being in a different state from where you and Nash are originally both from visiting family, and Nash being away with the boys on the Magcon tour. It was a surprise once you found out your parents were taking you to see the show just a few towns away. You got there early as the boys still had hours to go until show time. The walk back stage to the door the boys where in felt years long. Excitement rushed through your body as you approached the door. "Shut up.." You heard Jack Johnson say. You chuckled silently. Slowly, you opened the door and peaked your head in."Surprise." You said looking at Nash watching his face light up with joy and happiness. Nash quickly shot up, running to you and picking you up off the ground in a tight squeeze."I&#8217;ve missed you." He said into your neck. You chuckled a little from the breathe on your neck."I&#8217;ve missed you too." You smiled."Get out of her you two." Taylor said, waving you guys on. Nash took your hand and walked out the door, and walked around the venue."Soon this is going to be filled with screaming girls." You said, looking at everyone setting up."Yeah, but the only girl I&#8217;ll be thinking about is you." He leaned over you and kissed your warm forehead. You closed your eyes as you felt his lips against your forehead."And I&#8217;ll be out there watching the show." You smiled leaning against him.Hours passed as you and Nash caught up, exchanging kisses, laughs, and hugs."Okay. I have to get back, but I&#8217;ll make sure you get front row." Nash said with your hand in his, walking back to the door. "I don&#8217;t want to take a girls spot though.." You said worried."You won&#8217;t. They love you. They&#8217;ll let you slide this time." He winked as you approached the door that lead to the boys. You walked in with Nash."Finally!" Cameron said outloud. Nash quickly kissed you twice, and hugged you."I&#8217;m going to let you go, I&#8217;ll see you on stage. Love you." You said before exiting."Love you too!" Nash called out as you shut the door behind you.

So I deleted A LOT of requests… and put them in a document on my notepad on my computer so I have much more room. I still have a lot to add, but the list was full anyways!
I was going through the asks, and cried at how sweet you all are. You guys really boosted my self esteem and writing skills, and I’m so blessed to have you guys!! I love you all so much, keep being perf.

Anonymous Can I have an Ariana Grande imagine, where we have a long distance relationship, and she's on tour and I surprise her? (GXG) thanks :) Love your blog by the way 

I forgot to turn off my ask! I but yeah! I have to get all the other imagines done before I do any more! And thanks babe! xo

Anonymous Just wanted to say I love you, and I'm happy you're back 😊 

Awe, I love you too beautiful! & I’m glad to be back!! This made me really happy! :) I LOVE YOU ! xoxo

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*Requested* (Credit to the owner to made this!!)Nash was away with the boys and this time, you didn&#8217;t come. Slowly, and everyday you missed him more and more, it was becoming unbearable. You checked your texts constantly, your video chat, and snapchat seeing if anything appears from Nash. Nothing. You knew he was super busy meeting fans, and going on stage that there wasn&#8217;t enough time, and you understood it. You checked your snapchat one more time, seeing if any snaps were from Nash. As you refreshed the page, you saw Nash&#8217;s name! You quickly opened it to see a snapchat of him and Taylor. This brought a big smile to your face. You snapped back a picture of a silly face."Hi Taylor!" You said, and sent it. You sat your phone away, and channel surfed. Your phone buzzed from snapchat again. It was a video from Nash. "Hi Baby! I miss you so much! It&#8217;s a blast here, but it&#8217;d be even better if you were with me! I have to go, I&#8217;ll text you as soon as I can! I love you." You smiled brightly as you heard his voice. You let out a sigh and sent him a text."I just thought I&#8217;d remind you of how much I miss and love you. I miss you so much, it&#8217;s hard to sleep at night. I love you more than you can ever believe and I can&#8217;t wait to see you again and be in your arms! I love you Nash!!" You sent with a kissing emoji.  

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*Requested*You were on tour with Cameron and the boys, watching them perform in front of thousands of screaming girls. In the first few days of the tour, there was no free time to spend with Cameron. He was always on the go, but now the fourth day into the tour, there was finally some free time."What if I catch a shark!" You said, holding your fishing pole, walking onto the dock. Cameron let out a laugh."There is no way in hell you&#8217;d catch a shark, babe." He looked at you, and scooted closer to you, kissing your head. "Hey, you never know." You winked and sat down on the edge of the dock, getting bait on your hook. "Let me do it." Cameron said, coming to your rescue as you struggled to put a worm on the hook."Gosh, can&#8217;t do anything on your own!" He teased you."Oh bull." You laughed. You casted out your pole, and let it sit, watching the bobber to see if it will go under."It&#8217;s so pretty." You said as Cameron baited his hook."It is. When we&#8217;re older, we&#8217;ll get a big house out on the beach, so every morning we can watch the waves roll in and drink tea or coffee." He smiled. He casted out. As soon as he casted out his pole, your bobber went under."CAM I GOT A FISH!" You jumped up excitedly. "No way.." Cameron said surprised as you reeled in your pole. You pulled the fish up onto the dock."Get it out!" You demanded dropping the pole.  Cameron bent down, unhooking the fish."Here, throw it back in." He picked up the fish, giving it to you. You bent down over the dock, and gently put the fish back into the water. "I&#8217;m proud of you." He told you, pulling you in for a passionate kiss. "I&#8217;ll be sure to catch more." You said, pulling away then going back in for another kiss.


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*requested*It was the end of the school day and the bell was going in ring in 3 minutes for class to start. You sat your stuff down, and took a seat. You took our your notepad, and pencil and sat your stuff aside. Shawn walked in looking around. He spotted you and sat down next to you."Hi." He said in his cheery voice."hI." You smiled. You and Shawn have a thing for each other, but never really admitted it. It was like the whole town knew, besides you two."I can&#8217;t wait for this day to be over.." Shawn finally spoke up."I&#8217;m with you there." You giggled. Your friend came in and her eyes locked on you and winked. She has always wanted you and Shawn to be together. The teacher walked in."Alright class. We&#8217;re going to write some notes!" The class moaned and groaned. Shawn got out his notebook and pencil as the teacher turned off the lights. It was 20 minutes into class and you only have 20 more to go. You tapped your pencil, slowly falling asleep. Shawn slowly ripped out a piece of paper, and wrote on it, slipping it to you. You gave him a confused look before opening it."I need to talk to u after class. Meet you by ur locker. - Shawn" it read. You shook your head and flashed a smile.Finally the 20 minutes was up and you rushed out of the class room, Shawn following behind you."Y/n! Wait up!" You turned around to see Shawn pushing past people to get to you."So, what do you need to talk to me about?" You said putting in your locker combination and opening it. "Well.. I was wondering if.." He stuttered and you slide your books into your messy locker, pushing aside random papers."Wondering what?" You looked at him and smiled."If you would like to go out some time.. I mean tonight.." He looked down, then back into your green eyes. You hesitated for a second then shut your locker and leaned against it."Sure. I&#8217;d love to. " You smiled and started walking."Great. I&#8217;ll pick you up at 8." He smiled and walked back to his locker. Your friend caught up to you."What was that about?" She asked you slinging her back over her shoulder."I&#8217;m going out with Shawn tonight." You blushed. Your friend stop in her tracks, you following behind."really?" He asked in surprise."Yes." You laughed and walked. All the sudden you hear her scream and jump for you. Embarrassed as you were, you kept on walking, excited for tonight.

I’m posting imagines now. :)

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